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all the new good books

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How to pass MRCOG part 1 from first attempt?How to pass MRCOG part 1 from first attempt? (book)
Print: $29.63

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The only book containing every good advice on how to pass part 1 MRCOG from first try just the good solid facts

MRCOG Part 1 Total GuideMRCOG Part 1 Total Guide (book)
Print: $82.23

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Explained pastpapers part 1 for MRCOG guided answers .We are 99% accurate and revised by RCOG colleagues

How to pass MRCOG part 2 from first attempt?How to pass MRCOG part 2 from first attempt? (book)
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The complete guide n how to pass MRCOG part 2 Exam from first attempt Great book Just look at the preview and you wouold know for yourself

MRCOG Part 2 Total GuideMRCOG Part 2 Total Guide (book)
Print: $89.67

Download: $75.00

The only book containing every answered MCQ for part 2 MRCOG exam on earth.Over 2000 MCQ stems and 10,000 MCQ statements with explained answers in majority of questions.A must for revision and self assessmentWe collected every MCQ ever thought of in one place with all its answers so you can save a lot of time and a lot of money (it contains about 2000 dollars worth of MCQ). Only one doctor each year gets the MRCOG STAR from the MRCOG examination committee, that's the one doctor with the highest marks in the exam and that should be our aim.Contents · Acknowledgements · Introduction · Curriculum and new syllabus · Format for part 2 MRCOG examination · MCQ of past papers 1997-2001 with answers · MCQ according to the new MRCOG 2008 modules · MCQ MIXED questions (On all topics randomly) · Membership examination regulations · General FAQs · Examination calendar · Part 2 MRCOG courses · Suggested reading textbooks

How to survive Labour Ward shifts?How to survive Labour Ward shifts? (book)
Print: $80.51

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Procedure Manual In Obstetrics & Gynaecology 2008 General notes • This is not a reference text but rather a guide for registrars and junior staff on what to do when faced with a woman with an obstetric or a gynecologic problem. • The aim is standardize various clinical procedures of patients’ admissions, investigations, prescription, and peripartum care and perioperative management. • It is not meant to replace clinical judgment and individualization of the required treatment for each particular patient. • The benefits are enormous, reducing cost, facilitation of continuity of care, friendly working environment, increasing effectiveness of clinical management and improving patients’ satisfaction.


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